Photo to Portrait


How Pencil Portraits Can Improve on Your Photos





A photograph may be ideal for a portrait in many ways, but have poor

contrast, an ugly background, red-eye etc. In such cases, a

pencil portrait can improve on the original, as the artist can omit

unwanted objects, re-compose, or improvise, as the following

examples demonstrate:



1. Here the artist reduced the blue tones and altered the background:






2. In the following portrait, the artist flattered the teeth by request:






3. In this example, light was added and a tree helps frame the portrait:






4. Here, the artist removed the grass stems from the pet's face and

fixed the eyes:






5. In this pencil portrait, the artist adjusted contrast levels:






6. Below, the portrait's composition was improved by adding to the area

of water and decreasing that of the sky:






7. Here, the artist enhanced the hair using another photograph:






8. With this pet portrait, the surroundings and perspective were changed:






9. The artist added a face from a different photo into this pencil sketch:






10. With landscapes or buildings too, unsightly items like cars can be

omitted from a pencil sketch:





(Photo: Dr Neil Clifton)