Framing Pencil Portraits


Hints and Tips Compiled by the Artist





The right frame really brings out the best in your pencil portrait. A good

framing outlet will take time to show you the different options, so take

your pet or family portrait along.


Alternatively, the artist is happy to help you choose the ideal frame at Picframes online framing studio.




1. Pencil Portraits


Pencil portraits look good with white, ivory or grey mounts, and double

mounting really sets a picture off at little extra cost.








Your choices may depend on your decor, so think about where the

portrait might hang.


Simple black, grey or silver frames always suit pencil portraits:








For a warmer look, try wood, gold or bronze with ivory mounting:








Some portraits (coloured or pencil) suit an oval mount:







Perhaps you'd like to experiment with mount and frame sizes too:








... Or compliment your portrait's theme or mood, as with this baby portrait:








2. Coloured Pencil Portraits


Coloured portraits go well with simple black and white, especially when

the portrait is brightly coloured:







Alternatively, combine colours to compliment those in the portrait:








This portrait's red frame picks out the roses:







Again, a large mount or frame can add to the effect:








As with the greyscale pencil portraits, a frame can reflect a portrait's

theme, so a classic style of portrait might take an ostentatious frame:






The artist will speak to you about framing your pencil portrait during the

course of your commission.