Frequently Asked Questions






1. What's the approximate turnover time?


Due to a large project commissioned for 2014, I am taking new

portraits only for: January, May, August, Nov. and Dec. 2014.


For quick sketches, please enquire - these can sometimes be fitted in.




2. What photos are best to send?


A good portrait photo is taken on a level with the subject,

using natural even lighting.




3. How are the sketches different from the other portraits?


Pencil sketches have more visible pencil lines and are less

photographic than the detailed and coloured pencil portraits.




4. Can alterations be made to my pencil portrait, and/or several

photos combined?


Often, yes.

To see how pencil portraits can improve on your photos, click here.




5. When is payment due?


Final payment is due on approval of an emailed image of the finished

pencil portrait. (Deposits are required for larger portraits.)


Artwork is sent on receipt of cleared funds via Paypal, cheque,

or bank transfer.




6. Can I cancel?


Portraits may be cancelled any time prior to starting work.

The artist always confirms before beginning your portrait.




7. How are portraits dispatched?


Portraits are sent in firm waterproofed postal tubes by Royal Mail

Special Delivery, with handling instructions.


Portraits are also sent worldwide.




8. Are all pencil portraits displayed online?


Portraits and, occasionally, small photos may be displayed

unless you express a contrary preference.


Commemorative portraits not shown unless by request.




9. Will you frame my portrait?


Please see Framing Pencil Portraits for advice, or speak to the artist

for tailored help choosing online via Picframes.




10. Can I return my pencil portrait if dissatisfied?


For the Returns Policy, see T&C/3.