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Pencil Portrait Styles and Galleries





1. Detailed Pencil Portraits


These portraits employ soft pencil on a smooth

bright white paper. The artist often adds soft

graphite crayon and a hard black "onyx" pencil to intensify dark areas and textures. The pencil is

smudged and pencil lines down-played, producing

a photographic effect.


Child, adult and pet portraits undertaken.







2. Coloured Pencil Portraits


Soft, oily pencils are used for these portraits,

and a slightly textured paper. Colours are built

up in layers with multiple pencils. The artist then finalisies the colour-mix with a blender pencil for

a portrait that is realistic and vibrant.


Child, adult and pet portraits commissioned.







3. Pencil Sketch Portraits


This type of portrait is more spontaneous and

pencil lines stay mostly visible. The artist captures

form without intensive labour, for a minimalistic 

result. Detail levels can be varied with these

portraits, but the effect is not photographic.


Human subjects only for these portraits, please.







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